mardi 3 janvier 2012

Working Class

The working class would it be in the process of conceding ground to the ...?

There is little time to come, the worker, whatever it was, had a full status with drinking and setbacks and perceived well-known throughout the world. Now, without hate and not elsewhere, a shelved in favor of infant new technologies, leaves growing crafts in the shadows. Little valued by the hard work, the future a little shade they know, by a slow career path, these trades could, if people do not careful, lose their expertise, their loss " estimates ", opposite positions shall we say less ungrateful.
The ones who for decades and centuries have actively contribute to the reconstruction of France, the rise of French industry, do not forget ... Just like a body without limbs serves only half a song without words produced less revenue ... What would a construction site without workers, without even modern plant technician, a hotel without a maid ... etc ... Is it legitimate to pay the whole bodies of business?

At the same level, employee, worker, why pay more preferably an area that another recognizing that the two go hand in hand? One reason tac-tic and financial? Thank you!

Manual labor is also and above all its meaning when the edge of a museum, the cave of a park, while everyone can admire the work of a sculptor, the work of a landscape worker, at the edge of other doors everyone can see the finish of a car, a house, an apartment, a bag, jewelry, etc ...

Why denigrate while, among many corporate, among many branches, a bunch of jobs are highly specialized highly interesting ...
In 50, 60, working conditions have greatly advanced, the machines so small they are, such as screwdriver, unscrew, which seems trivial, have contributed to productivity and the improvement, which, even 35 years ago this, and much later, would require more sweat and physical investment.

Times have changed, evolved, thankfully, but, somewhere, are we not result in loss of braking something valuable?
A force, a move that allowed, among other things to set up paid leave, the week of 40 hours, laws concerning liecenciements, the protection of employees, etc ...

Beyond that, I would venture that a good worker must have good tools to properly perform its workand good "tools" to operate in its work?
Is there an end point so somewhere?
Manual work is in large numbers in different areas, for example, in the building and construction-public, the first employer in France, an area where (all levels) the number of workers is more Million. Let us imagine that number multiplied by X times as and when the areas of business are listed ....
There are crafts that require more attention, precision than others, in my opinion, while everyone can find his way, his destiny professional ... There are so many jobs that we are not well known, these chips require as also a good skill.

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